What is a SKP?

SKP was originally used as an abbreviation for the Escapees RV Club. (Say S-K-P fast and it sounds like Escapees.) Many members began calling themselves SKiPs because it was easier to say. It has become a commonly used nickname. Escapees (SKPs) are Special Kinds of People who are always ready to help each other, but S-K-P can more accurately be used to designate the three distinct concepts on which the club is built.

S – Support
One important benefit of Escapees is the support members get from each other as they travel. Because some Escapees travel long distances from their home base and families, and because they may be on the road for many months at a time, it is important to be part of an extended family of travelers. Support also includes the many benefits and optional services that the Escapees Club provides.

K – Knowledge
Members often say that the money-saving tips they get from Escapees magazine alone more than pay their annual dues. Learning is also the keynote of the semiannual Escapades that take place each Spring and Fall. Going to an Escapade is like attending a concentrated five-day college course on RVing.

P – Parking
One thing that makes the Escapees RV Club different from other RV clubs is that it offers members places to park. In addition to home-base benefits for those who join an SKP Co-Op or Rainbow Park, all Escapees members may use short-term parking at Escapees parks. This includes Rainbow’s End campground, located at the international headquarters in Livingston, Texas. Members also have overnight parking opportunities with other Escapees members across the country.

Helping Each Other
The Escapees RV Club has a strong, caring tradition that is an important part of our support network. Escapees members are well known for their volunteer spirit. You will find Escapees involved in many local and national charities and, in general, helping others in need.

We also have an important tradition of helping fellow Escapees; wherever you see the house-in-a-wagon logo, you know there is a kindred soul. All Escapees are expected to honor the logo by giving the assistance they can when help is needed.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a total support network for RVers. We are committed to excellence. We are dedicated to providing Support, Knowledge and Parking and will never stop striving to improve. We are honest in everything we do.

Escapees offers a multitude of services, including a mail-forwarding service that caters to each person’s needs, a discount park system, special deals on affiliated services and an extensive online set of RV knowledge and traveling aids at The fee to join Escapees is $39 per year ($49 in Canada & Mexico).