Becoming a Park Sierra Member

Becoming a Park Sierra Member

The Basics

Membership in Park of the Sierras, one of the premier Co-ops of Escapees, is a process of meeting several requirements.

Partners in Participation

As a member, you are expected to find ways you can contribute to the community. You will not be alone in this daunting task because your PIP mentor can assist you in matching your skills, passions, and interests to the needs of the park. Much of our work and community building is accomplished through committees, and your PIP mentor may also help you navigate the committee maze.

Park Sierra Volunteers

Park Sierra thrives when all members volunteer some of their time in a cooperative effort to maintain the park. The park looks great, living costs are reduced for everyone and every member enjoys a continuing sense of accomplishment and makes lasting friendships.

Park Documents

Available for your review are some of our most important park documents. We take great pride in what we have created and willingly agree to follow these documents.