Park Sierra enjoys a limited Dish satellite feed through-out the park.  We live here so the channels chosen were those park members wanted to see.  Visitors can get a channel listing from the Office.

Our TV feed is primarily “clear QAM” High Definition digital.  “Clear QAM” means it’s not encrypted unlike personally purchased Dish or Direct receiver setups.  High Definition means bright, clear TV reception.  Unfortunately this means some older (pre-2010) or low end RV TV’s may have trouble with our cable feed.  Visiting Escapees should contact the Office if experiencing reception problems.

We have a limited on-sceen Channel Guide on channel 2-1.  A more detailed guide is available using TitanTV (see below).  It’s ad driven and a bit quirky but works pretty good all things considered.

Use the info below to set up TitanTV on your laptop or tablet.

  • Keep this page open.  You’ll need to copy and paste the Share Token at the bottom.
  • Create a new browser tab and go to
  • Join as a free member.  Be sure to remember the username and password.
  • Log into your TitanTV member account.  You’ll probably want your web browser to remember the login.
  • Make a book mark (favorite) after logging in so you can restart it easily.
  • You will start out seeing Northland’s Coarsegold TV line-up.
  • Click the toolbox next to Northland Coarsegold on the date & time line.
  • On the My Channel Lineups tab, find and click Create Lineup from Token.
  • Go back to this page and copy the Share Token info into the Clipboard.
  • Come back to the TitanTV tab and paste the token info.
  • Click Save.
  • Some browsers (esp. Chrome) add some spaces or newlines into the string.  If TitanTV complains about an invalid token string, try it again and remove any stray characters before clicking Save.
  • After it adds the new lineup, click Set As Default and then click Return to TV Listings.
  • Let us know how you like it once you get it installed.
Park Sierra (Dish)
Time Zone: Pacific (-8 GMT)    Observe Daylight Savings: Yes
Share Token: NWjMrjkew9fEMYGHHi!bBYzLTIDZPf7TVFJq!TUlYXENVT!8c9Totw